Favourite conspiracy?

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I've always been fascinated by the Roswell story ( amongst others). Maybe because of it's fantastic nature just grips the imagination. But also the more relevant stories such as the reasons given for the war in Iraq, the assasination of Kennedy, or the stories surrounding the death of Diana.

Which are the stories which have caught your imagination?
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    <<I've always been fascinated by the Roswell story ( amongst others). Maybe because of it's fantastic nature just grips the imagination. But also the more relevant stories such as the reasons given for the war in Iraq, the assassination of Kennedy, or the stories surrounding the death of Diana.

    Which are the stories which have caught your imagination? >>

    I think my favorite stories are the Moth Man prophecies they are creepy and have some truth to them.

    The conspiracy theory I think is the most insane is the one the media and the American government is feeding the world,
    about 19 highjackers planning and executing thee 911 tragedy.
  • The stuff about the Reptillians
    • The President Kennedy assassination, no question.
      • I found a copy of the warren commission report in a thrift store. I went to Dealy Plaza for the first time last november. Whatever you do, Don't turn down elm street.
      • I own a 6.5mm Mannlicher Carcano - The weapon that Oswald supposedly used to commit the assination. The bolt cocks on closing. That is, to throw the bolt home, requires about ten pounds of pressure. I am an expert marksman. I cannot operate the bolt and dry fire (close the bolt and pull the trigger, without ammuniton) three shots in the time Oswald supposedly did, let alone place three rounds with any accuracy. Now, I will grant you, I have never tried it pumped full of adrenaline, as I'm sure Oswald was, but I still don't believe he did it. I believe he THOUGHT he did it, though.
  • REX 84 - a plot to take over the U.S. Gov't, suspend the constitution, and put all power in the hands of the executive branch. Conceived and outlined by none other than Colonel Oiver North himself.
  • I'm the pilot of the crashlanded vehicle in Roswell 1947 and I'm trying to get my prototype vehicle I left there back from the US government.Guess which conspiracy I'm most interested in?
    So do you REALLY want to know,or are you just wanting not to know and telling everyone that?
    I can tell you,but what can you do about it?
    If you can help,then I'll appreciate you doing so and you'll earn the gratitude of every American for breaking the stone wall they've built to stop you from knowing anything about it.
    So,? Have we got a dialogue?
    • Who told you to say that?
      • You did!
        This is a conspiracy investigation site isn't it?You offer discussion about conspiracies.
        Well I've got a real life actual conspiracy going on which affects me and you all personally.
        What can you do about it? That's my interest in you.
        Having a real conspiracy on your books and not mere speculation,are you in a position to direct pressure to open the matter or are you all just armchair conspiricy theorists,buzzing on the fact that there may be conspiracies but not really interested in finding out for sure?
        I think it's of paramount importance that the facts of the Roswell 1947 crash be revealed to the American public.
        How can I do that and can you help,in ANY way?
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    denver airport... that's some serious illuminatti bullshit going on there...
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      "One of my favorite conspiracy theories is that lead can be transmuted into gold. Do any of you alchemists know of any secret formulas?"
      Yes, but it is more costly than buying gold and you need to have government permission to use it, as it is also used for creating nuclear weapons.
      • Hitler escaping to Argentina and living a long life.
        • One evening, after much more beer than any two people should ever consume in one sitting, a friend of mine and I came up with the entire solution to the Kennedy assisination. You ready for a good one? -- Here 'tis:

          Kennedy had to have Marlyn Monroe silenced, or she would have blabbed about their secret romance, killing his chances of being elected President. Joe Dimaggio, after Norma Jean's death, vowed to kill the man who had her killed. He hired the mafia to do the deed, knowing it would take more people and coordination than any one person could achieve. They found a fall guy (Oswald) and shot Kennedy from the grassy knoll. Jack Ruby was given theassignment of taking out Oswald or sleeping with the fishes. Then, of course, DiMaggio had to pay off his debt to the mafia, 'cause they don't work for free, even if what they are doing happens to be also in their own interest. So Joe had to do the Mr. Coffee ads, to raise the money to pay them off. :-))
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    I've been reading up on 2012 for 8 years now, since I was 17, also Atlantis and the lesser known MU. These would be my favorite
    • The 9/11 conspiracy!!!
      • The "Communist Bloc" and "Domino Theory" that was justification for a two-decade-long "police action" in a little southeastern Asian country.
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          Maybe yes and maybe no.

          I used to feel the same way.

          But - just my opinion - in the great geo-political snapshot from that time - I believe that Russia and China were "conspiring" to spread communism around the world (you're not arguing that they weren't?).

          The USA went toe-to-toe with the communists in great and miniature conflicts around the world ranging from Korea, to Viet Nam, to Cuba and no doubt many other conflicts - even if only of the non-violent cold war type.

          I'm no historian, so maybe this is not a good example, but couldn't it be argued that Central and South America are examples of the spread of Communism via the domino effect?

          I enlisted to go to Viet Nam in 1969 - a dumb young kid looking for adventure.
          Fortunately for me I never go closer than Okinawa.

          For decades I was of the opinion that the "domino effect" was a bunch of baloney - that communism would not "take" in all those countries - strengthening Russia and China.

          But now, standing back with a wider view of that time I think it is reasonable to consider that - in the great scheme of things - we stood up against communism - both thru violence and non-violence - we fought a grey war; a global war against communism.
          We lost over a hundred thousand souls and the world paid many times more in lives and destruction.

          But eventually we won the cold war against The Soviet Union - knocking down the Berlin Wall and tearing down the iron curtain - setting free millions of people.

          If we had not stood up against communism and demonstrated to them that they would pay a price in lives and treasure - the Soviet Union might still be around today.

          Just wanted to offer another way of looking at this from someone who has gone full circle.
          • @A - I agree with you that we were fighting communism on a lot of fronts. I suspect the Russian (USSR) system was doomed to failure because of its inherrent economic proiblems, but I also suspect that our fightng some of those wars hastened that demise. I don't think, though, that Cumminism would have spread across the SOutheast Asia area any faster had we not gotten embroiled in what was essentially a civil war in Vietnam. I also don't thinkj that China and USSR were co-conspiritors to expand communism , because they have historically been sworn enemies. If they had been allies, we probabl;y woulkd have seen Chinese military presence in Afghanistan, along with the Soviet Union.

            It seems to me (and, mind you, this is merely a personal observation, and I have no specific data to back it up) the main reason for the spread of communism and socialism is economic. It seems only to occur when there is an economic disparity such that the wealth is centered in the government to such an extent that the general populace rebels. IT is hen that the general philosophy of "from each according to his ability and to each according to his need" strikes a responsive chord in the people of a nation. That is, of course, a highly idealistic view of socialism, and fails to take greed into account.
  • ScyFy is OK, I guess. The Military ones you've mentioned, fair.

    There's so many. Lost Technologies, Ancient Wisdoms.

    The Library of Alexandria is one I've studied, as well as the perpetuated myths still in print of beings other than ourselves.

    The Lost Technologies, of that group, Archimedes had some wonderful ideas. Some are so pent up in jpg'ing it, they point to Da Vinci, but he was somewhat of a sketch artist, in my opinion.

    Briefly, a Naval Army used subterfuge to annhilate their weapons of war, of which they had to become to dependent on, and, some even further this by stating that they used some they didn't destroy to build the Pyramids there now. Which, just happen to be within the area.

    Those catch my interest, anyways.
  • The one about people in an elasken town all having a sleeping disorder that a scicoligist came to study and found that they all sore an owl in there dreams then one night she feel asleep after starting a recoding and played it back the next day she heard hereself screaming and deep ancent sounding languige in the background it turned out to be surmaran I whatch all the tapes of her sesions with the pacients and man is it scary
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      Goldfinger said
      "Mr. Bond, they have a saying in Chicago.
      Once is circumstance, twice is coincidence, and the third time is enemy action."

      James Bond to Dr. No:
      "World domination, the same old dream. Our asylums are filled with people who think they are Napoleon, or God."

      The main conspiracy is radical Islam, as in al-Qaeda and its offshoot Islamic State.
      Islamic State just struck - and struck out - in Texas.
      But they did score in Paris, they got Charlie Hebdo.

      And they are part of a combo Sunni Islamic team going after the Islamic non-Sunni Team Assad in Syria. That is frightening.
      Further, the psychopathic totalitarian Islamic State has jihadi psychopaths streaming in from about ninety countries, including several thousand from Australia, Europe, and the United States.
      They have declared their intention to attack and conquer Rome.
      They also now are connected with a number of violent Islamic groups in Africa, such as the Nigerian Boko Haram.

      This is war.
      War is upon us all.
      Including Boston, Texas, and so forth.
      Now you know.

      For a basic newsfeed, see
      Jihad Watch

      Now you know.